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Myth Busting - Tuning Facts Part 2


ECU Remapping seems to be undergoing a resurgence in the industry. Fueled by hungry sales people operating as independent contractors - unchecked and largely untrained these digital cowboys all too often push the boundaries of what is safe to do and what‘s not.

ECU remapping or flash tuning - basically involves overriding the existing software from the manufacturer in the ECU and uploading the 'Flash Tuners‘ own program. So what‘s altered? Most claims are very generic, raising settings in the ECU file and changing a variety of parameters. But to actually get specifics on what is being changed is another thing.

What is interesting to note, is that person with the laptop, claiming to be able to do all of these wonderful ‚safe‘ things with his ECU remap. Actually never wrote the original program. He purchased it from a reseller, who purchased it from someone else, who purchased it from someone else etc... you get the idea. It is not uncommon for that one program to change hands multiple times before it gets to the person standing in front of your machine.

STEINBAUER has been in the industry for over 25 years, we see these 'fads‘ come and go. But what remains disappointing is that it is the customer who is left to pick up the pieces when their engine blows up, or their ECU is destroyed and that guy with the laptop and big promises is no where to be found.

So don‘t get caught up in the hype generated by the Flash Tuners - why risk your equipment at the end of the day is saving a few hundred $$ really worth the safety of your engine.

Read more in our Tuning Facts Explained brochure below. #TuneSafe #ChipTuning

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