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Tractors Tuning for More Power. More Proft.

Tuning for Agricultural Machinery



  • Ease of installation

  • No interference with the original ECU

  • Advanced European Technology


  • Reduced operating costs

  • Ability to cover more acres per hour

  • Opportunity to decrease overall engine hours

  • Harvest at optimum speed to maximize your yield – more bu/ac* 

  • An alternative to the cost intensive purchase of higher hp machinery

  • Robust construction (dust, vibration, moisture & heat resistant)

  • Field-tested worldwide (in all climate conditions)

Tuners for Agricultural Machinery

Tractor Tuning

Tractor Tuning

Installing a PowerModule to your tractor releases the engine´s full potential, providing increased horsepower and torque. When working load, such as towing, tillage or ploughing, the increased power allows the engine to work and at lower RPMs, reducing total work hours and increasing your fuel efficiency.

Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation Pumps

There is always a need to find more efficient ways to pump water for irrigation. STEINBAUER offers you an improved engine performance solution allowing your pump to operate at the best efficiency point (BEP). This reduces operating costs and overall engine hours, with the added benefit of reduced fuel consumption. 

Forestry Machines

Forestry Machinery

Forestry Machinery work under the hardest conditions, in narrow woods and demanding terrain. With the additional power you can work more efficient, even under hardest conditions.

Combine Harvesters

Tuners for Combine Harvesters

Time is money. Harvesting is all about covering more acres per hour and maximizing your yield. Our PowerModule increases your mph/kpm over the field and ensures that your are harvesting cleaner at maximum efficiency, with the added opportunity to reduce overall engine hours. 


Water Sprayer for Agricultural Use

Sprayers work on huge areas on a daily basis. With our PowerModule you can optimize your fuel consumption and lower your costs.

Testimonial Brandon Kentucky

Brandon, KY

"I had a farmer come up to me saying he saw my car parked outside.  He said he had one of our modules in his Challenger MT 765C and loves it. In fact, he has tried a couple of different competitors products, he said they are sitting on his shelf because they don't work. He loves his Steinbauer so much - he is buying one for his Steiger 465 QuadTrac." 

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