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USA dealer training location

Training Location - USA


22790 Fosdick Street

Dowagiac, MI 49047


T: (269) 230 - 0400


Training Location - Europe

STEINBAUER Performance
Austria GmbH

Betriebsstrasse 21

A-4224 Wartberg ob der Aist


T: +43 (7236) 218 - 210

STEINBAUER Dealer Training

Increase your lead - Strenghten your know-how!


There are always situations, where even automotive professionals face new, unseen challenges. AT STEINBAUER Technical Training sessions, we prepare your personnel to deal with numerous possible scenarios, that allows you to save precious time on diagnosing problems.

You benefits:

  • STEINBAUER Product Training

  • Technical Support

  • Exchanging Knowledge

Targeted training and technical expertise


STEINBAUER Performance has been working in the automotive industry for over 18 years, as preferred supplier of tuning systems for leading brands like, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen. This position grants STEINBAUER Performance in-depth access to the latest engine technology – the best foundation of future development.

Improve your customer service and install faster


On STEINBAUER Technical Trainings, your personnel are taught the quickest ways to identify and deal with possible issues; tips and tricks to make their work easier and more efficient. Reduced load on your technicians results in less waiting time and better care for your customers.


Trainings are held in small groups, up to 8-10 people. This creates a lighter athmosphere for the participants to increase both their theoretical knowledge of engine tuning and their technical skills. The students are not only taught about the latest technologies, but they also learn how to work practically with them. Broadening the spectrum of the brands you can work with expands your business possibilities.

You benefits:

  • the training session is lead by a STEINBAUER expert

  • the max. amount of participants per group is limited
    for optimal learning success

  • in-depth tuition about injection systems, ECU/engine
    management and the operation/installation of STEINBAUER

  • hands-on installation practice on different vehicle types
    (cars, trucks, ag, etc.)

  • setting up and fine-tuning STEINBAUER PowerModules

  • training documentation (diagnostic tools available
    upon request)

  • STEINBAUER Certificate

image of a dealing training certificate of completion

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