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Pickup Truck Tuning
Pickup Truck More Power Through Optimization

Pickup Trucks tuning



Pickup Truck Tuners
  • Ease of installation

  • No interference with the original ECU

  • Manufacturers' safety settings remain in place


  • Automotive industry standard (sealed connectors & gold contacts)

  • Robust construction (dust, vibration, moisture & heat resistant)

  • Road-tested worldwide (in all climate conditions)

Our module is the safest way to gain increased performance out of your pickup our advanced microprocessor controlled module works with your ECU and not against it. 


Our system works downstream from the ECU, ensuring that all the manufacturers safety parameters remain in place. For over 20 years STEINBAUER has been developing, manufacturing and distributing Injector Duration Performance Modules for diesel and turbo petrol/gas engines.


STEINBAUER holds an international patent for the Injector Duration Module for the Piezo system. There is no substitue for quality and safety for your pickup.

Everybody loves their truck, that's why you have one. We understand that they work just as hard as you do and take you places you couldn't reach without them. But no matter how much you love your truck, chances are that you want more power and better economy*.


With a STEINBAUER PowerModule you can get the best of both worlds. Our module is the safest way to gain increased performance out of your pickup, we work with your ECU and not against it. 

Towing & Hauling

When towing a touring van, work trailer, or boat, often this means towing weights approaching the tow vehicle’s maximum gross tow weight. The result is slower acceleration and more gear changing, and certainly higher fuel consumption. 


By adding a STEINBAUER Performance module to a tow vehicle the power and torque output in increased by 20%. This aids in overcoming the inertia of the extra weight when moving from a standstill, allows your vehicle to maintain speed on inclines in a higher gear, and reduces overall gear changing. 


With less gear changing and maintaining momentum, this can achieve greater fuel efficiency, not to mention a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

FORD 6.7L PowerStroke

Stock 450 hp | STEINBAUER 540 hp

With the Ford PowerStroke, we went back to the drawing board. Literally and developed and entirely new PowerModule.


This was a labor of love and determination for our development team over the past 2 years. Herbert loved the perfomance that our 1st gen module provided, but the install was just too difficult. His request. Same power, same great smooth power delivery and a under 10 minute install! 


Our development team delivered it. The new module gives great power and torque, a quick install inunder 10 minutes and best of all - it's safe and leaves no footprint on the ECU. Like all STEINBAUER products the manufacturers' safety settings remain in place. 


Quality. Service. STEINBAUER

FORD 6.7L Power Stroke Use
Steinbauer best dollar per horsepower option

Stephen Perry Jr., Brookstead

“I have been testing a Steinbauer module on my 4WD Hilux now for about twelve months, and I’m convinced the drivability has genuinely improved. My wife and I do quite a few miles in Central Queensland and most of these miles are done towing a trailer of some description. If I drive carefully I’m able to achieve better fuel economy, but really I like the extra power I now have on call. I believe the Steinbauer product is the best dollar for horsepower option on offer.”

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