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Image of Steinbauer chip being assembled.


Development & Production



Our products are developed at our company headquarters in Wartberg ob der Aist, Austria. Prior to release, new products are tested by our team in the field in the USA. We have built a solid relationship with many diesel repair shops, truck companies and large farmers in several states, these relationships allow us to test our power enhancement products in the real world environment and gain first hand feedback from the people who will use them everyday.  


Our in-house experienced and qualified Engineering and Development team gives us the ability to react quickly to changes and new market requirements.

Our 20 years of experience ensures that we continue to remain ahead of the industry curve and have access to a wealth of real world scenario know-how.

Hand assembly of a Steinbauer unit

Hand Assembled

Every product in the STEINBAUER range is manufactured at our Headquarters in Austria. With the help of our experienced team and the latest hi-tech machines and software, we diligently work towards producing only the highest high quality products, ensuring we remain the product benchmark in our industry.

Programming a Steinbauer chip

Careful Programming

Our ability to produce products through every stage from concept, design and development, into testing and production allows us greater flexibility and allows us swift reaction times to make minor adjustments and improvements, this continues to give us with the competitive edge over our competitors.

Testing a Steinbauer chip

Post-production Testing

We stand behind every product that we sell, 100% confident in the knowledge that we have developed tested and manufactured every product in the STEINBAUER range.

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