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The Evolution of


STEINBAUER - Redesigned



After years and many graphic designers passing the halls of our Headquarters, numerous - sometimes unbelievable - tryouts and fails taking place, the logo finally got back to its origins: striking, compact, clean and sovereign.


Steinbauer logo 2013

STEINBAUER - Logo Update

Some time later the Swoosh was changed by an unknown designer - the difference was minor and did not last for long. Nobody knows the whole story.


Steinbauer logo 2005

STEINBAUER - Logo Update

Meanwhile Herbert Steinbauer wanted to be independent of advertising agencies and established a department for worldwide marketing. First the logo font and swoosh were changed to a more homogenous, compact form -  mainly for production reasons and better readability.

STEINBAUER Tuning Technologies


2004 Steinbauer logo

Sad but true story: a couple of years later the PBox brand was registered by another company called PayBox.  Herbert`s decision: “Ok, I`ll use my own name - nobody can take that from me!” Another agency created and launched the "P-Box turns to STEINBAUER Tuning Technologies" campaign. The Swoosh was born along with a new company name - and logo! What a deal!


PBOX Motortuning

PBOX Motortuning

Finally PBox had become that one-and-only brand in motor tuning. Lots of trade shows in Germany and Austria showed a need for a more compact logo – an advertising agency was hired to solve the issue. The result was the famous red/black symbol for “Tuning made in Austria”.


PBOX Motortuning 1999

PBOX - Redesign

The brand name P-Box had very quickly become more widely known than SmarTec, so Herbert Steinbauer decided to rename the company after the product line - with some refreshing 90´s graphic design adaptions.


PBOX Motortuning 1996


SmarTec Kraftfahrzeugtechnik established the product P-Box and started becoming well known in the automotive sector. The phrase Power-Box is still used by many of our partners and customers as a term and synonym for for high-end technology in the engine tuning industry


SmarTec Kraftfahrzeugtechnik 1996

SmarTec Kraftfahrzeugtechnik

The first logo of Herbert Steinbauer and his former business partner, based on Smart Technology for Smart People. Kraftfahrzeugtechnik is the German term for automobile technology.

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