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Semitractor trailer ascending a hill
Steinbauer power enhancement improves delivery times

Semi Trucks power enhancement



  • Ease of installation

  • No interference with the original ECU

  • Advanced European Technology


  • Improved throttle response

  • Smoother power delivery

  • Greater response and torque for driving in the optimal rpm range

  • Reduced gear shifting while driving with a heavy load 

  • Improved end-to-end delivery times

  • Robust construction (dust, vibration, moisture & heat resistant)

  • Road-tested worldwide (in all climate conditions)

Steinbauer semitractor trailers chips

Line Haul Trucks

More power, greater response and lower fuel consumption are some of the advantages that our PowerModule offers. We are not going to inflate our product, like some of our competitors do - fuel savings on Line Haul trucks is no exact science. It often depends on how the increased power is used, it can be dependent on load, gradient and driver ability. But overall the access to additional power, increases driver satisfaction - with easier overtaking and maintaining constant speed on inclines, plus reduced gear shifiting reduces driver fatigue. 

Coaches & Buses

Our PowerModule is an innovate and intelligent tuning solution that has been specifically programmed and set up for your particular engine. It works in harmony with the built-in engine safety parameters set by your Bus manufacturer. Our is simply the safest system to get the best performance our of your bus engine.

Light Trucks

STEINBAUER Power modules are available for a large range of light and medium sized trucks. Often these trucks are used in delivery roles such as express fright delivery, or product distribution. Delivery of goods needs to be timely and reliable and the addition of a STEINBAUER Performance Module can help the drivability of lighter trucks so that they are nimble in urban stop–start traffic. Your truck can perform more like a passenger car, saving time, making your job easier, and increasing productivity.

Road Trains

In Australia Road-Trains typically haul 2 to 3 fully loaded trailers - in some places 4 trailers is possible. These trucks require greater power and torque especially at the lower rpms. The power and torque required to get over 100 tonnes moving forward is no easy task. With the PowerModule installed, drivers require less gear changes, have greater torque and improved response making for easier driving.

Testimonial lower end torque made hill climbing easier

Peter, Australia

„Once the STEINBAUER was installed I couldn’t believe the difference. The lower end torque made that hill much easier and I could stay in a higher gear. Truck drives great now. Have to admit, I drive it hard and I am always fully loaded with the tripple - so I don’t get big fuel savings - but Ive knocked good time off my route and I’ll take that as a big saving. The Dealer came out and rode with me to get the settings just right for my route  and since then we have brought another four boxes for the tripples, once you have driven with a ”Steiny“ box on, you don’t want to go back to standard.”

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