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Image of tuning in use

Overview & Key Points


ECU Flash Tuning In Use



  • Increase of boost- and common-rail pressure

  • Error codes can be deactivated

  • Override of original manufacturers' software

  • Engine safety parameters ignored

  • Where does the "hacked map" come from?

  • Unable to remove once the ECU is flashed - it's there to stay!



  • Possibility to change many ECU parameters

  • Cheaper than additional Injection Duration Modules

ECU Flash Tuning

Where's the difference to STEINBAUER?

The "flash" can be overridden by the manufacturer during an OTA update or during workshop service.


The STEINBAUER PowerModule works downstream from the ECU and is not affected by manufacturer updates of any sort.

The technicians selling the flash program are not associated with the parent flash tuning company.

They work as independent contractors and have no company standing behind the products they are selling.


STEINBAUER is 100% owned and operated by the parent company in Austria. We have a dedicated office and a factory support team in place. We are invested in the North American market.

When installing a flash program, many of the manufacturer's safety settings are switched off or overridden

to stop the fault codes from appearing.


Regardless of the ECU tune and the alleged experience of the technician, a flash tune directly alters the original software of your machine. In programming call this a "checksum" and it can be detected by the manufacturer.

If the equipment dealer discovers that there has been a flash tune installed on the machine (all ECU flash tune will leave a footprint) they are required the EPA to return the machine to standard. This can result in the machine being worth tens of thousands of dollars less as a trade.


Over the pas two years we seen a big increase in the number of customers reporting that they received $20,000 - $50,000 less for a used machine from their equipment dealer because they had a flash tune. The risk of just what has been done with that ECU flash tune, is simply too high for dealers to risk.

Image of Rail Pressure Box



  • Increase of boost- and common-rail pressure

  • Cheap manufactured components

  • Integrated simplistic software

  • High load on the fuel system due to increase in fuel pressure

  • Increased combustion temperature

  • Increased stress on engine components and injectors



  • Simple installation via wiring harness

  • Cheaper than additional Injection Duration Modules

Rail Pressure Boxes

Where's the difference to STEINBAUER?

Increase of 30% more power.


STEINBAUER PowerModules are programmed on a sliding scale. Engines at the top HP rating of an engine family have less safe increased power adjustment than engines at the lower end of the HP rating within that same family. Modern engines are complicated and have an increased number of safety parameters programmed in the ECU. On average, the best you can hope for is 10% more power from a rail pressure box.

Lower your fuel consumption by 20%.


More power means more fuel. It's just simple math and any product that claims to drastically cut fuel use is not giving all the facts. Fuel savings is gained by the increased efficiency, and this differs depending on the machine, the ground, the implement being pulled and let's not forget about the operator!

"Our product is an Injection Duration Module..."

Time and time again, we have checked many products that claimed to be Injection Duration Modules. They were nothing more than rail pressure boxes, filled with resin (plus sometimes even a lead weight) and a dummy harness that plugged into the injectors.

"But it is a STEINBAUER Module - it's just in a different case..."


In North America, we DO NOT supply OE label PowerModule products to any other brands for agricultural or construction machinery.

If in doubt, send us a photo of the unit in question - we can verify these " fakes" very quickly.

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