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Farm4Profit - Let's talk Diesel Tuning

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

At Farm Machinery Show #NFMS23 in Louisville this year I sat in the hot seat with Tanner & Corey to talk about Diesel Tuning. I have been a follower of the Farm4Profit podcast for sometime now and I love the approach that the guys take.

We covered a lot in an hour and as much of the discussion related to STEINBAUER we did our best to ensure we answered some of the sticky questions, dispel some myths and call out some of the 'backyard' flash tuners.

Someone forgot to mention this was being taped for YouTube! or you can listen to the Podcast.

After the show went live, we received a lot of customer calls and questions. The majority centred around being misinformed by people selling competitor products.

This is always disappointing to hear, sometimes this 'misinformation' ends up costing tens of thousands in repair costs.

#TuneSafe we like to remind all our customers, that if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!

Some questions that you need to ask:

  1. Who manufacturers the product? and where is it made?

  2. Do they have a US registered and verified company?

  3. Do they have a registered office? A bricks and mortar building located in the USA.

  4. Do they have trained, qualified engineers and technicians for support and development located in the USA?

  5. Do they carry liability and damage insurance?

  6. Who stands behind the product that you are buying?

  7. Can I visit their company and see where and how my product is made?

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