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Let's talk about Electrification in Farming Equipment with Farm4Profit Ep 362

A question that I get asked a lot centers around the push to electrify farm and off road equipment. It was a recent topic that Tanner, Corey and I sat down in their new studio to discuss.

We started out with the initiative of moving to electric vehicles and where e-vehicles fit on the farm. We all agreed that electric tech coupled with the performance it brings has a very solid use on the farm, and whilst there are some immediate obvious uses such a drone sprayers, we are nowhere close to the infrastructure and supporting equipment to do it at scale.... yet.

There is never a dull moment with the F4P boys and we also took five minutes to talk about the funky bright shirts I wear from TradeMutt Australia.

It wasn't an easy subject to thrash out around the desk, but its one that provoked a lot of great comments, DMs and feedback from listeners. Meaning, we got people talking about it and discussion on such a sweeping push for change is always a positive.

Listen to the full episode on your favorite PodCast platform or watch on YouTube.

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