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Technical Support and Development. Staying connected to our customer base.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

STEINBAUER opened our dedicated US office back in 2009 and for the past 13 years we have kept a firm commitment to the market and our customers. With dedicated technical support and development based in Michigan and backed by our Austrian office, our team continues to strive for excellence in before and after sales service.

Our factory technicians travel around 20,000 miles a year out of our Michigan office. Having boots on the ground has always been a key factor in STEINBAUER'S commitment to our customers. Testing new machinery when it is running in the field is pivotal in releasing products onto the market.

The new John Deere engine is one such example, whilst competitors were quick to release un-tested products - our development team took our time. We tested in different countries on multiple machines, in very different conditions, crops, ground, implements and we used great caution when finalizing the final map settings.

It's not always safe to increase the power and torque by 25%, it depends on many different factors and as STEINBAUER does not interfere or turn off any of the manufacturer safety settings, our engineers ensure that we stay within safety parameters.

STEINBAUER offers dealers technical training workshops at our Michigan location twice a year. Giving hands on training and troubleshooting is a key factor in maintaining a strong, qualified dealer network.

Customer's appreciate the extra effort that the STEINBAUER team makes to ensure that we keep up to date with latest machines and implements and that we continue to invest in having a dedicated development and support team located in Michigan.

Tune Safe!

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