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Why don’t we promise fuel savings?

This was a hot topic at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show. With the cost of fuel increasing to levels not seen for many years, saving fuel is at the top of many customers list. It’s a question we get asked time and time again, it normally follows “…so I was just talking to CompanyX and they promise that I will save 15% fuel. Why can’t you promise me the same?”

The STEINBAUER module is fine tuned to deliver safe, reliable power and torque only when you need it. Why inject more fuel the entire time? Increasing fuel delivery through pre, post and main injection creates stress and reduces the integrity of the entire fuel injection system. This is not the way to do it!

Increasing power can only be achieved by adding more fuel, so how is it that when you add more fuel, in turn you can save fuel?

At STEINBAUER we look at savings as an overall efficiency package. It’s not just about one factor; it’s about the net effect.

· Cover more acres in less time: The less time you spend in the field saves you money, if you can finish the same field one hour faster, that’s an hour of less fuel, less machine hours and less man hours.

· Smaller machine procurement: Manufacturers bring out multiple HP ranges using the same base engine. Buying the smaller HP range tractor and installing a STEINBAUER module allows you to save thousands of dollars on the purchase cost whilst still achieving the same or greater HP.

· Ability to pull bigger implements: With the added HP and torque you can pull larger implements with your machine.

· Less engine hours: Running more efficiently translates to less hours on your machine. Every hour saved on the engine is money in your pocket.

· Time is money: Every hour you save on your machine, is an hour’s less wages, less fuel and DEF fluid, less engine hours – it all adds up. Overall efficiency is the key, it’s not just one element but the overall package.

STEINBAUER is proud to remain a privately owned and operated company, with the same company owner and founder for over 25 years. We have a dedicated North American base of operations in Southwest Michigan. All STEINBAUER products are shipped the same day from our local Michigan warehouse.

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