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THE NET EFFECT. How STEINBAUER saves your farming operation money.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

With the diesel price reaching and in some states passing $5.00 a gallon throughout the US, farmers are feeling this cost across the board. It hurts on every level.

Every machine and vehicle they use needs fuel – this fuel costs more, almost double what it did two years ago. So how can spending money save you money?

For us, it’s all about the net effect.

The video link here is a few years old, but the information is just as relevant today. Considering the rising cost of fuel eating into the already slim bottom line of farmers – saving money where you can is vital.

Remember a few key points when it comes to ‘fuel savings’:

  • Your machine is an investment – please be careful who you trust to ‘save you fuel’.

  • Time is money – we don’t advertise % based fuel savings because for STEINBAUER, it is about the NET effect. Because every farming operation is different, we look at the overall picture, not just one component.

  • More Power. More Profit. – Never has this been a more relevant statement. Installing a STEINBAUER on your machine helps you save money on fuel, machine hours, man-hours and DEF consumption.

  • DEF is a necessary evil – none of us like the cost or labor this additive involves. However, the costs if you take the path to delete the DEF system on your machine are so much higher.


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