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Who stands behind the product you are buying? Not all tuning companies are what they seem.

STEINBAUER has been in the tuning industry for over 25 years, during that time we have seen many changes. Different companies and brands come and go, many have changed hands, started purchasing products from other suppliers or purchasing in bulk from Asia.

Development and quality manufacturing requires focus and commitment. It takes time and motivation to continue to invest in your employees, your products and push ahead with new ideas and continue to improve. STEINBAUER has remained steadfast in our vision of continuing to invest in the future.

While the industry trend was to source electronic boards and wiring harnesses from cheaper suppliers in Asia, we chose to invest in manufacturing machines to produce these in-house. Producing locally enabled us to be more flexible and responsive to the market, while also reducing waste and, in turn our carbon footprint.

With the move to our new HeadQuarters outside of Linz in central Austria we were able to expand our in-house production capabilities, including R&D equipment and environmentally focused initiatives.

At STEINBAUER we have research and development firmly at our core. This focus allows us to be quick to react to changes in the market and the ability to produce prototypes and field test units in-house.

An experienced engineering and development team gives us the ability to react quickly to changes and new market requirements. Everything can be completed in-house.

  • Software & Hardware Development

  • Prototyping & Mold Making

  • SMT & Finishing

  • Direct PCB Pin Insertion

  • Plastic Injection Moulding & CNC Machine

  • 3D and SLS Printer

  • Cable/Harness Production

Company Owner, Herbert Steinbauer talking with customers at an open day in Minnesota.

Now what does all this mean for our customers? When you purchase a STEINBAUER product, there is a company and a team of people who stand behind it.

We don't hide behind 'independent contractors' who can shut down their business at a moments notice.

We're there with a solid commitment to our distributors, dealers and customers. Our North American office is located in Southwest Michigan. As a Michigan registered company, we have responsibilities, we can't just change our phone number or stop answering emails - we take what we do seriously.

STEINBAUER US - Dowagiac, Southwest Michigan

So before you purchase a tuning product and part with your hard earned cash, ask yourself a few vital questions.

Customers are surprised when they investigate and find out that there is no company standing behind what they have or are looking to purchase.

  • Do they have a USA registered company and base of operations?

  • Read the Warranty T&C. What does it really cover?

  • Do they carry any product liability insurance?

  • Do you need to remove and ship your ECU somewhere for tuning?

  • Can you visit their Company to see product manufacturing?

  • Do they actually have an R&D department, with qualified engineers and equipment?

  • Do you really know who makes the product and where?

  • Is the agent simply a re-seller of software from a third party? Who is responsible for this if something goes wrong?

  • Does their development staff have the background and working knowledge of how the machine operates?

  • What company, if any, stands behind the ‘Warranty‘?

There will always be alternatives to the type of tuning you choose and the company that provides it for you. Competition between brands, should drive innovation, increased quality and safety - not profit.

So before you buy - ask yourself, who stands behind what you are buying and will they be there if something goes wrong.

Tune Safe!

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