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Going Green!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There is always some kind of development going on here at STEINBAUER. Tuning is in our blood and with the EV revolution gaining more and more followers everyday, it was technology that we needed to look at. I have read many articles over the past 12-18 months from other 'tuning' companies that say, tuning EV cars isn't possible - well we're here to tell you that it is!

Here at STEINBAUER we have ten EV Smart for Two's used as staff company vehicles and two Teslas model S, so we have plenty of test vehicles. Undoubtably the most important factor in EV driving is range - I drive my Smart everyday to and from work and often (before COVID) took it on longer trips. But the range was always a challenge, the same for several of our team who drive 45-65km (30-40miles) one way to work.

Regenerative braking was essential to extend the range, it's surprising just how much difference this makes to the range on both short and long trips. Recently I decided to test out just how good it was - I was under 10% battery with a max range of 12kms (6miles) as I pulled out of the garage , outside temperature was 2c (35f) ... it was chilly and the range dropped to 10km! My route to work is 16kms (10miles) and its a mixture of highway and back country roads. I have to say I wasn't overly confident I would make it - but with the region braking, I rolled into our carpark with battery to spare.

I may not be a race car driver, for me a car should be reliable and get me safely from A to B and those extra few kilometers that I can get from my Smart car are gold! I have to say a little extra punch doesn't go astray either ....

Now the Tesla Model S and coming soon the Model 3 - well that is a different story. One of our Australian customers (and a Ferrari owner) can attest to getting out of the Tesla white as a ghost.

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