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Selling & Buying used STEINBAUER Modules.

STEINBAUER is the only 'Plug n Play' tuner that holds a residual value. Our modules are regularly sold as used products through various sales channels, such as Ag Talk, Combine Forum, Facebook Marketplace, Tractor House and through Big Iron auctions.

But how do you know that what you are buying is still working and works for the machine that you are buying it for?

STEINBAUER offers a Factory Certified Used and a Factory Refurbished Certification to give you peace of mind when buying or selling used modules.

Factory Certified Used PowerModule

When buying a used product, ask the seller if it has been inspected and verified as working by our Michigan Factory.

STEINBAUER supplies this certificate, along with an application list of what machines the part number will work on.

The seller of this module has paid a small administration fee to verify the module and harness are working. There is no warranty on these modules, we have simply verified that the module and harness are working.

Factory Certified Refurbished PowerModule

If you are purchasing a module that is certified by our Technical Support Team as 'Refurbished' it will come with a certificate that provides a 1 Year Limited Used Warranty.

STEINBAUER supplies this certificate, along with an application list of what machines the part number will work on. The owner of this module has paid a certification fee to have the module re-certified to carry the 12 month warranty.

Common Questions

What is the normal price for a used module? This depends on many factors, popularity of the part number, condition of the module and wiring harness, age of the module, and if it has a 12 month used warranty or if it has only been inspected by our Michigan factory. Typically used modules range in price from $800 to $1,500 depending on these factors.

Is it safe to buy a used module? If you are looking to buy a used STEINBAUER product, it is important to ask if the seller has had the module and harness inspected by our Michigan Factory. Unfortunately we have had instances in the past where customer's have purchased a used module online that doesn't work. For peace of mind - we recommend to all customers that any used module should be inspected by our technicians to ensure that it is functioning correctly and is the correct part number for the machine you intend to install it on.

Some STEINBAUER Dealers offer used modules for sale, but we encourage anyone looking to purchase a used product to get the seller to send you a photo of the product label and then contact us, so we can verify the part number and check the serial number history for you.

I have a used STEINBAUER PowerModule that I would like to sell. What should I do?

STEINBAUER encourages any customer with a module to sell, to send it in to our Michigan office and have it inspected to certify it is working. For $75.00 we will test and verify the module and harness is working. (there is no fee if the module is defective) or if you would like to add the 1 year Factory Certified Refurbish, this cost is $295.00.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a STEINBAUER module, give our friendly team in Michigan a call. Remember to #TUNESAFE

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