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Tuning for Multihulls, Sailing Boats and PowerBoats


When it comes to engine tuning, marine engines don't usually come to mind. But when you consider that more and more couples and families are opting for the floating sea change lifestyle - it's time to revisit our thinking!

Tuning marine engines is quite different to tuning a car, truck or equipment; the software, power, and torque curves used in marine power delivery are completely different and it's a mistake for many tuners to approach marine tuning the same way they do other applications.

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to inboard marine engine tuning; this is not a task for amateurs! Before tuning can be done, it is crucial to understand the load, power delivery, and temperature of the coupled engines.

Almost all inboard marine engines can be tuned, including those used in luxury pleasure craft, multihulls sailing and power yachts, fishing boats and power boats. Tuning your marine diesel engine will safely increase horsepower and torque resulting in improved responsiveness and reduced fuel consumption.

One of our most popular new marine products has been for the Yanmar engines typically installed on production catamarans. Increase your low-rpm torque to make getting on plane easier, increase high rpm power to make cruising easier and more enjoyable!

After a recent Atlantic crossing TravelSketch Sailing discovered some of the benefits of having the STEINBAUER Modules installed on their Leopard 45 catamaran.

  • Reach RPM limit faster

  • Better fuel consumption

  • No revving to clear carbon build up

  • Engine fueling as intended

  • No ECU footprint

  • Ease of installation

  • No interference with the original ECU

  • Optimize engine for a larger prop - more power with less RPM

  • Robust construction (dust, vibration, moisture & heat resistant)

  • Tested worldwide (in all climate conditions)

Customer Testimonial - TravelSketch Sailing

Trent, Tynan and Telicia are three friends who are sailing and exploring the world aboard their Leopard 45 catamaran. After installing the STEINBAUER PowerModules in Europe they experienced the awesome benefits of the increased horsepower, better fuel consumption and improved acceleration. Trent, the Captain, noted "Using the engines now puts a smile on my face". The modules and larger props were particularly appreciated while manoeuvring in marinas and crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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